Wednesday, April 11, 2007

If I ever meet you in public, you will need a new nose, lots of beefsteak for black eyes and perhaps a supporter below. You are a guttersnipe!

So said President Harry S. Truman to music critic Paul Hume, in response to Hume's review of Margaret Truman's singing.

The Rutgers women's basketball team will meet with Don Imus. Why? To mete out the punishment Truman considered? Doubtful. No, the team has been "physically and emotionally spent and hurt" by Imus's remarks. Imus apologized. Does the team expect more contrition? Hugs?
Call his sponsors. Tell them that you won't buy products that support a man who entertains his audience by insulting others. Then get on wth your life.
He called you mean names. He's a gutter snipe. You're on the Rutgers womens' basketball team that played at the natonal championship. Unless it's on a basketball court, why meet with him?

About ten years ago a local professor noted that while discrimination does still exist in America, he tells his students
You say you're oppressed? You're not oppressed. You're at Georgetown.

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