Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ron Paul: America's Paul Belien?

Ron Paul was first elected to Congress in a 1975 special election. In the next five years he ran several fiercely contested races for the seat, against the same opponent; as I recall he won in '75 , lost in '76, won in '78 and '80. I was a volunteer in his first three campaigns.

Paul's supporters were mostly very conservative Republicans- people who had not yet forgiven Eisenhower for beating Robert Taft in the 1952 presidential primary; and for whom Barry Goldwater was an even greater hero than Ronald Reagan. Paul 's supporters also included a fervent group of gold standard libertarians; I heard several long lectures on von Mises economics. ( I'm an engineer: Zzzzzzzz.)

Now, this was Texas in the mid 70's; it wasn't Birmingham 1962, but it wasn't politically correct California of 2007 either. We used to entertain ourselves at college by calling one of Houston's two Dial a Nazi recorded phone messages. One claimed to be the Texas branch of the American Nazi party; the other claimed it was the Houston Klan chapter.

There were a few folks among Paul's volunteers who, if you talked to them for very long, were quite upfront about their white supremacist views. They sounded a lot like the recording on the Dial a Klan line.

I never understood Dr. Paul's appeal to those folks. I never heard him say anything remotely racist. On the other hand, while volunteering for a half dozen other candidates in the mid 70's, I never ran into anyone else who was as viciously racist as those few folks in the Paul campaigns.

So stories like these are not a surprise:

Ron Paul and the neo Nazis

Paul responds on Nazi gold

Hutton Gibson for Ron Paul

Neo Nazi organizes Ron Paul Youtube gaming

Is Ron Paul the American equivalent of Paul Belien and Vlaams Belang? Paul has supporters in his current Presidential campaign who are 9-11 truthers; he also has supporters who are white supremacists or neo Nazis. His failure to distance himself from them does him no good. And his supporters' response to these stories is a coy wink. It's either

If people who hold views that the candidate doesn't agree with, and they give to
us, that's their loss


I just wonder how difficult it is to get a PO box in W. Palm Beach under someone
else's name (or even just lie on the online donations) especially seeing that a
very prominent member of the anti-Ron-Paul squad that made a point to land on
Fox News and call Ron Paul 'cerifiably insane' (and then went on to brag about
it) also happens to live in... wait for it... W. Palm Beach, FL.

(Both comments from the first link above)

People, people. You can't have it both ways. Get your story straight. And if Paul's campaign can't keep track of who is giving them money, they will be in big trouble with the FEC.

UPDATE: "Vlaams Belang" corrected. My humble apologies.


Anonymous said...

Obviously it is Tom Tancredo, not Ron Paul, who is the American Paul Belien. Did you see his latest ad? Tancredo' campaign is a one-issue campaign. It is completely focused on anti-immigration issues. And immigration is precisely what Paul Belien is fighting against.

Given that you in Virginia haven't experienced first-hand anywhere near the social disruption experienced by Paul Belien in Brussels due to massive third-world immigration (both legal and illegal), you are not particularly well placed to give him lessons on morality and politics.

And besides, it's Vlaams Belang, not Vlaams Belaan. You could at least make an effort to spell foreign names properly, you who so abhor those who wish foreigners to remain foreigners.


Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is a person of consistent, principled, integrity. You can read 20 years worth of writing and speeches here http://www.ronpaul2008.com or on youtube.com

In today’s 24 hour news cycle a “disavowal” of anything is equal to an admission of wrongdoing. That’s just the way it is. If you “disavow” somebody, the mainstream media automatically assumes your guilt and plays it as an apology. And being “guilty” of an association with neo-nazis is just about as bad as it gets.

Anonymous said...

Guilt By Association?

I Am amazed at the lack of holistic view that some people use to describe their world.

You Can Bend The Results To Any Outcome, Should You Choose To Only Use Data That Supports Your Forgone Conclusion.

History Has Shown Repeatedly That Expectation Rules Outcome. ( The World Is Flat, Visible Light Is The Only Light, Heavier Than Air Flight Is Not Possible)

Folks Listen To The Message And Stop This Shenanigan Of Over Emphasizing Speculation. This Man Is About People And The Reduction Of Government In Their Lives.

Expand Your Data Set.

Anonymous said...

Please check the email acct noted on your blog profile.


Anonymous said...

Well, apparently Paul Belien did not think so when he planned the American visit for his party Vlaams Belang. This party gets over 95 percent of its money from state funds. When some of its officials visited the USA, the 'political meetings' road manager/travel agent Belien arranged for them there, featured nothing but extreme right wing back benchers and die hard racists that no serious candidate for office would touch with a ten foot pole. Ron Paul wouldn't want to be caught dead in the company of the likes of David Duke or Newt Gingrich. Belien looks them up and invites them over. Ron Paul opposes the Patriot Act for 'spying on citizens'. Beliens party has kept records of political enemies and key persons in Belgian society for decades. Ron Paul rejects the redistribution of wealth as a form of theft, as a whole. Beliens party objects to money going to coloureds and Walloons, but wants to give white Flemish mothers more money for staying at home, wants to increase state support for all indigenous Flemish people. Whatever Paul Belien really is, he's no Ron Paul.