Monday, November 2, 2009

What if the GOP sweeps?

I'm by nature an optimist. I want to believe that Bob McDonnell, Chris Christie and Doug Hoffman will all win tomorow, and even that David Harmer will beat Garamendi in the California 10th CD special election. Heads will explode, and the spin from Robert Gibbs will make Linda Blair in The Exorcist look like a piker.
Two results if that happens:
1) Health care reform, and Cap and Trade, are DEAD. Congress may pass a health care bill but it will bear no resemblance to the most recent proposals from Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi. The President, in a rare moment of candor, will blame the failure on Congress's lack of quick action in August.

2) The Obama Administration will renew its war on Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and the GOP, and expand it to other major media outlets. Valerie Jarrett will continue to "speak truth to power" (ARGGH!) but be more roundly ridiculed.

It would be fun to watch the meltdown, except that it is the United States government. This may be worse than Jimmy Carter.

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